Hilton has launched its successful Waitographer training course online, enabling more team members around the world to improve their smartphone photography skills and create lasting memories for guests.

First launched in January 2022, the innovative scheme trained Hilton team members to step in and confidently capture a crystal-clear photo of a special moment using the guest’s smartphone.

Now, the newly announced digital tuition course will build on the Waitographer programme’s runaway success. The online course comprises of four modules led by renowned regional photographer Roger Moukarzel, who taught the live seminars earlier this year.

In the first week after going online, 445 Hilton team members completed the training programme, 371 of which were in the Europe, Middle East and Africa region.

Held on the Hilton University platform, the online course offers essential tips on smartphone camera options, framing and backgrounds, indoor and outdoor lighting including use of the flash, and interacting with guests.

A short knowledge check at the end of each module recaps the lessons learned. The online Waitographer course enables any Hilton team member around the world to enhance their photography skills and receive a certification after successful completion of the programme.

Moukarzel, a renowned fashion and documentary photographer of more than 40 years, explains, “I have made this online course simple and accessible for all so that you can start creating perfect memories for your guests.”

More than 200 Hilton team members in the UAE have already taken the in-person course that aims to help them feel more confident when asked by a guest to take a picture.


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