Red Sea Global (RSG), the multi-project developer behind the world’s most ambitious regenerative tourist destinations, The Red Sea and Amaala, has today announced a strategic partnership with North Sails, the world’s leading sailmaker and apparel company.

The partnership will first see North Sails Apparel provide RSG’s water sports brand, WAMA, with Performance Apparel for all sailing and water sports staff. The collaboration will expand to retail, merchandise and working with the wider North Sails Group across tech, innovation and delivering kite, foil, sails and apparel, footwear and accessories, as well as working collaboratively on events, community engagement and a shared commitment to the protection and enhancement of the marine environment.

“Bringing world-class water sports to The Red Sea demands partnering with the very best in the business. North Sails has a glowing track record, supplying leading teams in the world’s greatest sailing competitions, including The Ocean Race, with high-performance equipment and kit. Our collaboration intends to go beyond this to encompass support for our ambitions to protect and enhance the world’s oceans, starting with our own Red Sea,” said John Pagano, Group CEO of Red Sea Global.

A signing ceremony between RSG and North Sails Apparel took place at the Grand Finale of The Ocean Race in Genoa, where RSG is the Regenerative Project Partner.

The WAMA capsule collection by North Sails Apparel provides a full range of uniforms as well as accessories such as crew bags, backpacks, and laptop cases.

Sustainable focus

North Sails Apparel’s commitment to sustainability makes it an ideal partner for RSG. The company is a certified B Corp, demonstrating its commitment to the highest standards of environmental and social governance. It was one of the signatories of the Fashion Pact, a coalition of fashion and luxury brands committed to science-based environmental targets. Most of its polyester and nylon (96 percent) is made of recycled materials, while the company uses organic cotton bags and paper-based packaging from certified, responsible sources.

Marisa Selfa, CEO, North Sails Apparel, said: “The Red Sea coastline is an ideal destination for sailing and water sports, with its perfect weather conditions and stunning landscapes. This partnership allows us to bring our passion for the ocean to more people in Saudi Arabia and internationally as well as the very best equipment and clothing.”

“Red Sea Global’s ambition to pioneer regenerative tourism closely mirrors our mission to protect our oceans and champion positive causes with bold campaigning. We will work with the organization closely to inspire people around the world to help save our treasured seas.”

RSG and North Sails plan to bring their shared sailing vision to life through a joint presence at major events and regattas – as well as community-focused initiatives allowing RSG to draw on North Sails’ sailing, water sports and apparel fanbase and network.

Educating the next generation

North Sails is also set to support RSG’s Young Marine Biologist scheme, a new initiative designed to teach young international and Saudi guests and children about the many ways to protect the environment.

Young Marine Biologists will learn about sustainable innovation, regenerative tourism and ocean rights. The scheme will be structured around four key modules: Reef Recovery (Coral Cadets), Small But Mighty (polyps, colonies and reefs), Magic Mangroves and Red Sea Superstars (hawksbill turtle, dugong, dolphin and other marine life).

Through WAMA’s Coral Cadets program, North Sails and their partner Coral Gardeners will work collaboratively to create restoration activities as part of the WAMA’s Respect for the Sea – ‘Coral Cadet Week’. The budding biologists can also take part in submarine and research-based excursions, meet local bird experts monitoring avian flyways, study local fauna, document turtle hatchlings, and discover more about mangrove seed harvesting.

Maryam Ficociello, Chief Governance Officer, Red Sea Global, said: “As well as its commitment to sailing excellence, North Sails reflects our belief that businesses have a responsibility to do better by our planet. For us, it isn’t enough to maintain our natural world. We’re committed to making a difference for the better. As a B Corp and sustainable sail-wear and lifestyle brand, North Sails Apparel will provide vital support for our environmental efforts and help us take another important step towards this goal.”

Red Sea Global’s WAMA has set stringent scoring across all of its procurement of Apparel, kit and partner selection. This means working with companies with shared values, solid sustainability and regenerative credentials, a commitment to community engagement, a youth focus and a history of innovation, as well as applying the highest manufacturing standards.

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