Started almost three decades ago, in an attempt to provide diners with a friendly and relaxed space to enjoy wholesome cuisine, La Brioche still keeps the same flair but now with a swanky new look and interiors inspired by the rustic countryside of France while the food, as always, oozes well-heeled French class, with a fresh menu to boot.

The new branch at Dubai Hills Mall will transport you back in time to a French Riviera eatery with an art deco theme. The classily cosmopolitan vibe is complimented by brick walls, high-slung ceilings, huge windows, and the fusion of luxuriant foliage, greenery accents and organic hangings that give customers a feeling of an outing in the lap of nature. Proving to be a tastefully stylish hotspot where you can enjoy your favourite cuisine, the new branch lives up to its reputation.

What you can expect from the new branch is its fresh Menu with intriguing experimental twists recalling authentic taste with every mouthful. Some popular and best-selling dishes are La Brioche Club Sandwich, Classic French Toast and Grilled Salmon, and Classic Marble cake, in addition to the variety of meals to choose from.

One of the key additions to the new branch is having a pastry chef stationed in the restaurant responsible for crafting fresh and exciting desserts to complement the menu. Besides this, the restaurant serves fresh bread across all the branches. Be it Brioche or Baguette, the aroma of freshly baked bread will make you feel like strolling through the French alleys. The patisserie and cakes section displayed at the center of the restaurant offers an array of cakes, pastries and cookies handmade by professional chefs everyday, using only the freshest, highest-quality seasonal ingredients.

After opening in Dubai Hills Mall, thousands have flocked to the restaurant night and day for authentic flavours. The new branch is just the start of its ambitious expansion plans across the UAE and beyond.

On the occasion of inauguration of Dubai Hills Mall branch, Hannes Marais, Division Manager at La Brioche said: “There are a lot of loyal patrons of La Brioche across the UAE, and expanding in Dubai has long been a key ambition of ours. The demographics and target market in the burgeoning Dubai Hills area is a healthy mix of UAE nationals and expats, providing the right target market for La Brioche’s menu”.

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