FIYA, the latest eatery driven by a live-fire concept and brought to you by the founders of PINZA!, Matcha Club and decorated chef Hattem Mattar, is nestled in Meydan as part of Keturah Reserve, one of Dubai’s most sought-after residential areas to immerse residents in nature through the ‘Bio Living’ concept that incorporates nature into the built environment to improve the physical, mental and emotional health of its occupants.

Mattar — the world’s first Arab pitmaster, Dubai tastemaker and culinary ambassador to the UAE Embassy in Washington DC — leads the attractive offering at this brand-new location. FIYA will reflect the imaginative expertise of the man and his understanding of regional tastes.

Tamer Elkhayat, CEO of PINZA!, said: “We are opening FIYA at Keturah Reserve as it is an ideal location that is deeply immersed in nature. The restaurant is surrounded by olive trees, perfectly blending into the ambience and emphasising imagination and creativity in the kitchen, an ethos that is also reflected on FIYA’s hospitality, atmosphere, and service. The menu is inspired by the fire-based cuisines of the world and the team’s exciting travels, which opened the door for versatility of ingredients. Many global cuisines offer dishes based in fire, and these are being placed centre-stage to encourage people to come together and share the food with each other. “

Keturah Reserve, located in Meydan is a place to tend to the inner self, inspired by the ‘from the inside out’ concept. All amenities, activities and food and beverage services are curated with that in mind.

At the heart of the project lies The Park, a lushly landscaped space across 300,000 square feet for residents to recharge and socialise, shaded by thousand-year-old olive trees sourced globally.

There will be four main fire stations, with an open-concept grill visible to everyone and changing depending on the cuisine doing the bulk of the work.

Hattem Mattar states: “I’d like FIYA to be a destination for people to get away and focus on what’s important — each other; a return to analogue life is the point of FIYA.”

FIYA is intended as a companion to the padel courts brought by the Matcha Club, which will be a coupled community hangout destination and go-to hub based around the increasingly popular sport.

Lucas Basset-Chercot, co-founder of Matcha Club, explains: “Following the great success of the first Matcha Club in Al Quoz, we expanded with Matcha in Meydan — a new club that emphasises lifestyle and well-being as priorities. The project at Keturah Reserve will further uplift the FIYA experience with a boutique, six-court padel club and an additional two courts for children. We’re aiming to make it one of the top community areas in the UAE by championing the outdoors and great food in a perfect surrounding.”

FIYA’s opening hours will be 5:30 p.m. to 12. a.m. starting 02nd January 2023.

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