Located in the heart of Dubai, on Al Wasl Road, the newest concept by ATB investments and executive Chef Alper, Fat Uncle, is now officially open and ready to welcome guests to revel in a truly immersive experience. Relish in the techniques of upscale cooking by Dubai’s very own Chef Alper. Decked with wooden accents and a polished marble setting, the eclectic concept opens its doors in Dubai to present the perfect marriage of fire-fueled dishes embellished with the right amount of panache.

Guests can expect to be blown away by the range of unique Mediterranean-inspired dishes. The menu showcases a selection of recipes inspired by the land, the sea, and the farm. The range of appetizing options includes; Scallops Gratin, doused in Gruyere cheese, tender grilled Lobster Thermidor, and tantalizing Cured Beef Tartar with a succulent Bone Marrow and A5 Grade Hokkaido Wagyu. To ensure each diner has an authentic experience Chef Alper overlooks the procurement of the ingredients that are carefully developed into masterpieces in Fat Uncle’s very own Josper Oven.

Fat Uncle caters to the community in Dubai and can be known as the family member patrons can take comfort in while immersing themselves in an elevated experience. “We want to reveal the true beauty of simplicity in our cooking” states Chef Alper “With quality ingredients, state-of-the-art equipment, the Josper oven, and humble cooking techniques, we are able to cultivate rich and memorable dishes.” While the offering may be elevated, the approach will always be down to earth, where guests can expect to be charmed by the sleek yet familiar face of Fat Uncle.

The chic venue demonstrates finesse and fashion with its unique interiors, dim lighting, and modern feel. To ensure all needs are met, Fat Uncle presents the Fat Bar, The ravishing bar is situated at the center of the venue, guests can sip on a range of mouth-watering mocktails, each designed to take you on a journey of flavors. The gastronomic stakes have been raised in the region with the extensive options, optimal service, and warm hospitality presented by the Fat Uncle team.

From the community to the community, Fat Uncle welcomes all to delight in a bit of humble, haute cuisine. For those who prefer to dine under the stars, Fat Uncle offers a considerably large patio, completely covered and ventilated, ensuring guests can feel comfortable in the cool temperatures outside while they enjoy premium offerings. The hotspot offers its own grand entrance and a quality valet service to further reinstate a superior experience.

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