THE FITOUT, one of the leading providers of complete interior solutions in the UAE, has revealed its ongoing work for Residence Inn by Marriott with distinctive and sustainable interior fit-out solutions. The company also announced the completion of the Panorama Restaurant inside the Residence Inn, with an exemplary and well-crafted, sustainable decor.

THE FITOUT is presently on constant efforts towards refurbishing the 489 rooms at the Residence Inn by Marriott, from floor to ceiling. The firm has successfully delivered approximately half of the project to the client while the hotel is fully operational with customers enjoying all the amenities, despite the renovations being carried out.

The detailed drawings executed by the firm are in accordance with the Marriott specifications and uphold the unique branding of the hotel. By setting high standards, the company is developing unique designs for the interiors of the hotel, which meets the evolving demand for innovative and state-of-the-art interiors in the hospitality industry. The hotel’s guest rooms will feature unique wall coverings imported exclusively from Italy and made with the finest materials and cutting-edge technologies. Moreover, THE FITOUT has also placed high priority on sustainability, for every stage of construction of the rooms.

Likewise, the company also utilised high quality materials from Italy and cutting-edge technologies for the construction of 700-square-metre Panorama Restaurant’s interiors that is now completed. Designed in harmony with the overall theme of the hotel, the interior of the restaurant has a distinctive design that blends modern architecture with previously employed sinuous curves and arches. The designs for the rooms and the restaurant have been created to suit the prime location at which it is located, offering its guests and diners a magnificent view of the seaside and DIFC.

Sherif Nagy, General Manager at THE FITOUT, said: “We have worked diligently to deliver impressive interiors at the Residence Inn, especially during the planning phases which requires more focus. We constantly made sure that we adopt sustainability measures in all the phases of construction, while developing this novel, Italian-styled interior that offers the warmth and comfort of a home to its customers. Our team has tried relentlessly to meet the evolving trends in the hospitality sector where every space strives to provide customers with contemporary interiors, unique concepts, and themes. Despite all the challenges, we have managed to deliver distinct and innovative designs at the Panorama restaurant and are looking forward to the same for the rooms of the hotel, once we complete the work.”

The firm has implemented several sustainability measures both in the hotel and the restaurant, such as proper waste management and reuse of several materials without compromising on quality and standards, in order to ensure environmental safety. In addition, it has also ensured that substances that could harm the environment are eliminated during construction.

The company is striving to be more versatile as the project advances, to adapt quickly to any modifications. The company has effectively coordinated with the hotel’s Italian designers to promptly alter shop drawings in accordance with the client’s specifications and make every effort to deliver the project on schedule. Furthermore, THE FITOUT makes sure that the project continues without any disruptions while upholding high standards in both quality and construction.

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