Despite the immense challenges faced by the hospitality industry in 2020, LIVIT Hospitality Management, whose venues include The Bungalow, Missippi’s, and Cove Beach, continues to expand its team and add to its growing portfolio of homegrown brands.

As hospitality and F&B businesses around the world attempt to get back on their feet, LIVIT Hospitality Management, which specialises in fully comprehensive management services for the lifestyle hospitality sector, is tackling and overcoming the challenges of the new normal head on. The company, whose venues here in the UAE include homegrown concepts such as The Bungalow, Missippi’s, and Cove Beach (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), has quickly adapted to the major changes in market demands, while still maintaining the ability to open exciting new venues and grow its team significantly in recent weeks.


LIVIT has hired 200 new team-members over the past six weeks to support its existing venues, Cove Beach Dubai and The Bungalow, along with two new venues, Missippi’s Pool Bar & Social Hub (now open) and Cove Beach in Makers District, Abu Dhabi, which is set to open in the second week of November. In addition to this impressive growth, the company has signed another 21 outlets, including four hotels housing 12 F&B concepts in Ethiopia, as well as entering into a strategic growth plan with Minor Hotels – all scheduled to open by the second quarter of 2021. In total, LIVIT is targeting the signing of 100 venues by the third quarter of 2021.

“I feel there are always positives to be taken out of negative situations, and many business success stories can still come out of this pandemic situation. Market competition is less aggressive at the moment, and there is an amazing talent pool to recruit from, which can lead to hugely positive long-term effects for businesses. While people are certainly more price sensitive, they don’t necessarily want to downgrade their hospitality experiences, hence the need to adapt your products and services to create new value for consumers,” says Charlie Weaving, Managing Partner of LIVIT Hospitality Management.

Cove Beach Abu Dhabi

He adds, “Due to the rapid changes in the market, our specialist, fully comprehensive F&B management solutions are more in demand than ever, and I feel that this is down to the way we have adapted as a team, to identify opportunities and move forward. You can’t just stand by and watch the world pass before your eyes. Instead, it’s important to adjust, take the positives, and emerge stronger in the face of adversity.”

Through its proactive recruitment strategy of utilising the large amounts of available talent in the current market, LIVIT has gained highly skilled and passionate individuals with extensive experience, coupled with great work ethics and positive attitudes that will no doubt help the company continue to go from strength to strength.

In line with LIVIT’s commitment to female empowerment, 70% of its team are women. The company is driven by the philosophy that everyone is equal, regardless of gender, age, or ethnicity. “We believe in placing the best people in the right positions, and, in doing so, we have been lucky enough to recruit an extremely talented and dedicated group of female team-members, who have played integral roles in the development of our company. As we continue to grow, we will continue to create new opportunities for our team-members to thrive,” comments Charlie Weaving.

With its team’s ability to think on theirfeet and overcome unprecedented obstacles, LIVIT Hospitality Management aims to carry on leading by example and play its part in strengthening the industry as a whole.

Cove Beach Dubai
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