BEAU, the highly anticipated first luxury fast food restaurant, is set to open its second Middle Eastern location in Marina Mall, Abu Dhabi, following its successful debut in Dubai.  With a creative vision that intertwines love, fashion and interior design, BEAU sets itself apart as a symbol of innovation and distinction in the culinary world.The public is invited to experience its unique blend of French savoir-faire while initiating sparks of new romances born over Parisian dinners, creating memories that last a lifetime. The official opening night will take place promising to be a memorable occasion, drawing press, influencers, and esteemed guests to celebrate its arrival.

Driving inspiration from French culture, codes of a palace and avant-garde references, BEAU continues to set new standards for creative fine dining, offering a one-of-a-kind experience for discerning connoisseurs. From music to cinema, architecture to street fashion through limited edition drops, BEAU spreads inspiration across various art forms and design disciplines. Being today, a world attracting celebrities, fashion icons, music personalities, and members of the United Arab Emirates royal families.

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