Just a few steps away from their private villa, guests at Baros Maldives can discover the beauty of one of the most acclaimed house reefs in the Maldives. The world-class reef is rich in healthy coral and tropical marine life from schools of striking bright fish to octopuses, reef sharks Moray Eels, and even sea turtles.

The Baros House Reef offers an enthralling underwater experience for all guests, whether novice snorkelers or advanced divers. In the shallow waters, a small sunken boat is home to some beautiful tropical fish; a little deeper, the sunken speedboat surrounded by active Jacks and curious Bat Fishes.

Dive deeper inside the Baros House Reef and discover an extraordinary world of wonders; Nurse Sharks and White Tip Reef Sharks relax on the sand and underneath the colourful coral blocks – tucked away from all disturbances. Uncover the incredible relationship between Moray Eel and shrimps, see a one-of-a-kind Scorpion Fish and a Red Bubble Anemone, home to one of the most emblematic fish of the underwater world, the Clown Fish.

The great light and visibility during the winter add to the magnificence as all the creatures appear to live in a tropical aquarium-like environment – in a safe and balanced habitat where visitors can form an unbreakable connection with the ocean.

Baros’ coral restoration programmes ensures continued wellbeing of the precious house reef.

“Deep inside the Baros House Reef” is a series of experiences for divers and snorkellers of all levels. While the programmes emphasise the Baros House Reef’s wonders in daylight, guests can also discover the reef at night, where fluorescent lights and bioluminescence brighten the waters.

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