There are many good reasons to exclude meat from your diet. In Germany alone, around 8 million people currently describe themselves as vegetarians or someone, who “largely abstains from meat”. According to the German research institute Statista, the number increased by half a million in 2022 alone. From this, we learn: offering vegetarian food is playing an increasingly important role in travel planning.

We asked our Green Pearls members about their vegetarian offer and were pleased to hear a lot of positive feedback. Here we present the hotels where vegetarians and vegans will enjoy their accommodation the most.

Vegan and Plant-Based in South Tyrol and Trent

LA  VIMEA– Italy’s first “pure vegan” Hotel

Under the motto “Nature offers everything we need”, LA VIMEA in South Tyrol pursues a concept that is truly environment-friendly. The hotel offers much more than just a “vegetarian alternative”. The menu is complete vegan! Always impressing you with new, creative and seasonal creations! Incidentally, vegan does not only refer to the food – from the furnishings to the toiletries, everything here is animal-(suffering)-free.

Guests, which incline towards Ayurvedic medicine (which pays great attention to spices and food) will feel particularly at home here. Ayurvedic treatments are part of the feel-good program alongside yoga, meditation and natural bathing.

Weihrerhof – Half vegetarian and very natural

The Hotel Weihrerhof at the Wolfsgruben bathing lake now offers a giant ice rink and a relaxing spa holiday in the snowy landscape in winter. In the Italian South Tyrol, nature is one of the greatest pleasures. It is the source of their natural cosmetics and food. At least 50% of the dishes on the menu and the buffet are vegetarian.

When vegetarians and non-vegetarians travel together, everyone gets their money’s worth here.

ADLER Lodge RITTEN – Daily vegetarian 5-course menu

ADLER Lodge RITTENVegetarian options play an essential role at ADLER’s Italian spa resorts & lodges. The all-inclusive offer at the ADLER Lodge RITTEN for example includes a daily lunch menu in the panorama restaurant with a view of the Dolomites. While the restaurant locates in the “main building” (with the spa area), the accommodations, consisting of 20 wooden lodges, are spread around in the forest.

People with “extra wishes” belong in the fixed program. The in-house daily menu with five courses is available to guests as a vegetarian or vegan option. On request, the menu can be modified according to various food intolerances or other specific dietary requirements.

Paradiso Pure.Living – The vegetarian Dolomites hotel

At Paradiso Pure.Living the vegetarian-way was chosen mainly out of ecological conviction – the vegetarian-vegan menu intends to help keep the carbon footprint as small as possible. The eco-concept includes the food, facility-, electricity- and water-management. The Paradiso is particularly popular with artists and art lovers. Recently, a documentary focused on this extraordinary hotel!

Especially those for whom vegetarianism is a way of life will feel at home here.

Eco Park Hotel Azalea – 100 % plant-based and as regional as possible

Another great Place for Veggies in Italy is the Eco Park Hotel Azalea, which offers a 100% plant-based cuisine. Whenever possible – the kitchen uses regional and organic products from local farmers. The grain comes from a small Italian mill, which still grinds with stones. Wild herbs get picked from nearby meadows. Water comes from the Val di Fiemme in the Dolomites. The food is not only delicious, but also healthy! And very environmentally friendly.

The family-run hotel is an excellent address for vegetarians and vegans.

Maslina Resort – Mediterranean organic food on Croatia

The 5-star hotel Maslina Resort was only opened in 2020 on the island of Hvar in Croatia and only uses regional and seasonal organic ingredients in its restaurants. The Mediterranean flair has a back-laid feel. “Maslina” means olive and stands for the most important fruit of the Mediterranean. The herbs from the hotel’s own organic garden are ingredients for the kitchen and the spa products.

The constantly changing menu doesn’t stop at vegetarian options – there are also purely plant-based dishes for vegans who like it southern!

Eco Aparthotel The Dreamer‘s Club – Vegetarian travel with children and pets

PHOTO-2022-10-10-14-48-07Also in Croatia – just 50 meters from the beach – you find the eco-residence Eco Aparthotel The Dreamer‘s Club. It consists of different apartments where pets are allowed. Only plant-based “milk” is welcome in the kitchen. Breakfast is “predominantly vegetarian”. The “Buddha bowl” is part of the offer for vegetarians. The dish consists of various vegetables such as sweet potato, grilled zucchini, fresh spinach, tomatoes, cucumber and local cheese. Many families also prepare their food in the apartments.


The German health hotel SCHWARZWALD PANORAMA is certified organic on the highest level. At least 90% of the food and drinks are organic. Meat is available, but the guests learn that animal products can easily be substituted. Milk alternatives are: oat milk, soy milk, almond milk, and rice milk. The zero-waste breakfast buffet features vegan sausage and vegan cheese. This year, for the first time, the hotel offered a vegan-vegetarian theme brunch and a vegan-vegetarian BBQ! As we have learned, a repetition is in planning.

The health resort hotel is an excellent choice for anyone who wants to avoid meat, primarily for health reasons. Here, guests will find at least two vegetarian and two vegan dishes on the menu daily – easily recognized through a label on the menu.

HUBERTUS Mountain Refugio – Holistic food in the Allgäu

A holistic approach is the spirit of the Bavarian HUBERTUS Mountain Refugio. Holistic Touch, Holistic Environment and Holistic Food. Local (medicinal) herbs play a spesh role here, which is why herbal workshops are offered regularly. A vegetarian option is an integral part of the menu. Completely vegan dishes must be pre-ordered.

Creativhotel Luise – A German city hotel with vegan options

The Creativhotel Luise Luise in Erlangen is one of Germany’s pioneers of sustainable hotels. Above all, sustainability is a lifestyle that expresses responsibility and awareness. In addition to the ecological facility, this naturally applies to the food. There are many vegetarian and vegan options on the breakfast buffet. You find vegan patties and vegan cakes. In addition to the hotel breakfast, visitors will also find many vegetarian and vegan restaurants in the city of Erlangen.

Biohotel Sturm – Daily vegan offers

Biohotel Sturm“Veganism is not a trend for us, but everyday life,” answers the German Biohotel Sturm. They not only value organic ingredients here, but also ensure that vegetarians and vegans have a large selection of food and drinks. The kitchen concept was recently converted into an open kitchen so that guests can communicate directly with the chefs and learn more about “the colorful diversity of the sustainable plant world”.

The standard repertoire includes the “Vegi Bowl” consisting of falafel, sweet potatoes, vegetables with soy dip and the “Rhöner Stulle” with Tipi bread, parsnips, roasted onions and pickles. In addition, guests will find vegan options daily.

The special features of the hotel include spacious accommodation for up to six people.

Klosterhof – Alpine Hideaway & Spa – Herbs and vegetables in the German Alps

At the health-hotel Klosterhof, great care is taken to ensure that guests can decide themselves what they want to eat. At lunchtime (1 p.m. to 4 p.m.) there is a daily “Healthy Lunch Bowl Buffet”, where everyone puts together their bowl – with meat or fish; vegetarian or vegan! The “Herbs & Vegetable Garden”-menu is always available for the evening menus. It changes constantly, but is always vegetarian.

Naturhotel Outside – Vegan on request

The Austrian Naturhotel Outside particularly appeals to hikers who enjoy the mountains in East Tyrol and the nature spa. The concept includes regional cuisine with a daily vegetarian menu selection without meat. Guests who do not eat any animal products can have vegan options upon request.

CERVO Mountain Resort – Vegetarian luxury

CERVO Mountain ResortThe CERVO Mountain Resort in the Swiss Alps is a special place with a fantastic view of the Matterhorn. Even if the atmosphere is relaxed and close to nature, you will not settle for anything less than a luxury here. Three restaurants ensure culinary well-being, with the Bazaar restaurant offering almost exclusively vegetarian dishes with an oriental touch. Traveling vegetarian does not mean abdication, but enjoying – with regional ingredients from the mountain region. In winter, CERVO has its high season with many skiers as guests.

As with all our partners, we notice that the guests’ food preferences are taken very seriously and that the conscious decision to eat animal-free and environmentally friendly is welcome. This is not only a reason for vegetarians and vegans to celebrate, but also for the planet.

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