Since the beginning of the World Expo in Dubai, Poland has presented its greatest achievements and established new business contacts. Visitors regularly experience the culture, diversity, richness of nature and Polish new technologies and craftsmanship deeply rooted in our tradition. Expo 2020 Dubai provides a unique opportunity to create a positive image of Poland based on cooperation and mutual understanding. The cross-cultural #TOGETHER campaign, which inspires and engages other Expo participants, will help achieve this goal in the coming weeks.

  • The #TOGETHER campaign is a symbol of Polish creativity and hospitality, extending beyond the Poland Pavilion – the home of the exhibition.
  • The initiative included unique gifts made by home-grown artists
    and craftspeople, alluding to things we have in common with the participants of the Expo. During the #TOGETHER campaign, representatives of the Poland Pavilion, headed by the Commissioner General, will visit nine national pavilions. One of them will be the UAE Pavilion – the host of Expo 2020 Dubai.
  • The Polish delegation will also visit Alif, a special pavilion whose theme and architecture concern mobility, in the coming weeks.
  • The Polish Investment and Trade Agency organised the Polish participation in Expo 2020 Dubai.

The theme of Expo 2020 Dubai is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. The UAE organisers have emphasised interaction from the start and stressed its great importance in today’s rapidly changing reality. They point out that social, economic and technological changes require taking on new challenges. The answer is for countries to work together – despite their differences – to ensure sustainable development: from respect for the environment through social progress leading to economic growth.

The Polish presentation refers to the central message of the Expo, and the #TOGETHER campaign will show what we have in common with other countries participating in Expo 2020 Dubai. It will be done in an original and unconventional fashion, in line with the slogan of the Poland Pavilion – ‘Poland. Creativity Inspired by Nature’. The campaign will present creativity as a trait that is the source of Polish economic, scientific, cultural and social successes.

Four exceptional months of Polish presentation at Expo 2020 Dubai are behind us. The Poland Pavilion was the venue for the most important economic, cultural or educational events and temporary exhibitions of regions and institutions. We will creatively establish relationships with representatives of other countries present at the Expo in the coming weeks. I am convinced that the #TOGETHER campaign, which aims to showcase what Poland and other countries have in common, will strengthen our relations and attract even more visitors to the Poland Pavilion – says Adrian Malinowski, Commissioner General of the Polish Section of Expo 2020 Dubai. In the coming weeks, as part of the #TOGETHER initiative, the Poland Pavilion representation will visit a total of nine national pavilions and one thematic pavilion at Expo 2020 Dubai. This cross-cultural event will present unique gifts made by Polish artists and craftspeople whose works find what is common to Poland and other countries participating in the Expo.

Among the recipients will be representatives of the UAE Pavilion, whose interesting architecture was the source of inspiration for a unique gift – an original poster by Polish artist Dawid Ryski. The UAE Pavilion is an intriguing interpretation of movement, and the building’s shape is reminiscent of the falcon, which occupies an important place in the country’s history and tradition. The roof consists of 28 movable wings that can be angled from 110 to 125 degrees. Architecture and its symbolism are common elements of the Polish and UAE presence at Expo 2020 Dubai – the Poland Pavilion refers to the motif of migrating birds, thus referring to the dynamics of modern world development, cultural exchange, trade and migration ideas.

Representatives of the Poland Pavilion will also pay a visit to the Alif Pavilion, whose motto is mobility driving global development. Poland is contributing to this, as evidenced by the fact that Olga Malinkiewicz, a physicist and inventor of a method for manufacturing printed solar cells based on perovskites, is among the inspiring scientists. They are integrated into the façade of the Poland Pavilion and allow you to charge your phone with solar energy straight from the built-in installation. Mobility and new technologies inspired another gift designed by the artist Oskar Zięta. The Alif Pavilion will receive a unique sculpture depicting a zero-emission vehicle – a longboard made with FiDU technology, a revolutionary processing method for pressure-formed steel.

The coverage of the #TOGETHER campaign is available on Poland at Expo social media channels. We encourage you to follow it.

A video announcing the campaign is available on the YouTube channel:

A video of the presentation of the gift to the France Pavilion:

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