Each year, Zurich welcomes an unprecedented number of business travellers thanks to its diverse industry and financial institutions. Known as one of the best business hotels in Zurich, the Dolder Grand sits at the top of the Adlisberg Mountain overlooking the city’s centre.  The hotel’s guest book is littered with VIP personalities and historical figures, including Winston Churchill, Albert Einstein, and the Shah of Iran, as well as luminaries of modern times such as King Charles III and the legendary director David Fincher.

Although most European city hotels are small, the Dolder Grand is more like a resort within a city, standing as an iconic landmark with stunning views of Lake Zurich and the Alps. This allows business travellers to enjoy the natural beauty of spectacular views while simultaneously staying close to the business centre. In addition, the hotel’s extensive facilities and corporate offers meet business people’s and company requirements, from the most well-equipped meeting rooms that can accommodate up to 600 people in the city to the special corporate rates and packages.

The hotel is 20 minutes from the airport, and Zurich is just 3 to 4 hours by train to the most important European cities, such as Paris and Milan. With a fantastic business centre, multilingual concierge staff and VIP housekeeping and limo services, the Dolder Grand is a hotspot for business leaders. The building symbolises the perfect balance between tradition and modernity in Switzerland today. The historic building from 1899 looks like it was inspired by a fairy tale and stands in the middle of the two new contemporary glass wings. The natural flow of the hotel allows for a gallery of more than 120 pieces of artwork, from the 1957 painting «Femmes metamorphosées – Les sept arts» by Salvador Dali to the lifelike human sculpture of Duane Hans of a sunburned man sleeping on his bags in the corner of the lobby.

The most impressive amenity at the Dolder Grand is the spa, which spans over 43,000 square feet and includes a comprehensive water area with a swimming pool, samarium (a sauna with humidity), outdoor whirlpool with gorgeous views, steam bath, sauna, a snow room, as well as Japanese-style sunaburo beds (beds of warm pebbles) with a complete menu of specialised treatments from top brands including La Prairie and Amala. The gourmet experience is second to none, thanks to the two-Michelin star talent of Executive Chef Heiko Nieder; at The Restaurant, his fine dining menu showcases the very best of Swiss-inspired gastronomy. At the same time, Saltz offers a more casual dining experience with many Arab dishes prepared by Oriental Chef Firas El Borji.

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