See Denmark from your saddle  

You know, us Danes love a bike ride. In fact, it’s a way of life. Whether we’re zipping to work over the canals in Copenhagen or gritting our teeth on the school run over the cobblestones of Aarhus – if we can do it by bike, we probably will. We haven’t got any mountains in our way and use our wonderfully flat landscape to our advantage. Feel like joining in? We have some excellent cycling routes to explore our little land. Follow in the pedals of the Tour de France’s Grand Depart or pick something more off the beaten track – the experience will stay with you either way. 

 Ready, steady, go!

Pick an island, we’ve got plenty!

We don’t like to brag, it’s not really in our nature, but we are very proud of all 444 (count ‘em) of our islands. If you’re after a tasty getaway they all have their gastronomic delights – Læsø is famous for its salt, Samsø its potatoes, and Bornholm – well, it’s the sunshine island, so everything tastes great there (try the liquorice!). Æro is sadly, not covered in delicious minty chocolate, but has divine delicacies of its own – hello pancakes. Whatever you’re in the mood for, we’re sure one of our islands will be up to scratch!

Discover your new favourite island

Fancy a drink?

Ah beer, so entrenched in Danish culture that our breweries bring out specialities depending on the time of year. We’re looking at you Christmas and Easter. So, why not come and learn more about these tasty brews at Copenhagen Beer Week the 11th-21st of May? With great talks, tours and tastings you’ll be a beer pro in no time. Or maybe beer isn’t your thing? How about a gin made from ants? Or Æro’s whisky, made with home-grown barley? We have a rich, and sometimes surprising, brewing and distilling culture waiting to be explored.

 See all the great Beer Week events happening here





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