Paramount Hotel Midtown proudly announces its successful acquisition of the prestigious Silver Dubai Sustainable Tourism (DST) Stamp, solidifying its commitment to sustainable practices and responsible tourism in the vibrant city of Dubai.

“We are honored to have received the Dubai Sustainable Tourism Stamp, a testament to our unwavering dedication to environmental stewardship and sustainable hospitality. Our commitment goes beyond token gestures; from initiatives like introducing wooden room keycards and embracing more collaborative, community-driven endeavors, each step underscores our resolute dedication to reducing plastic usage, waste and championing environmentally responsible practices,” remarked Nicholas Chalmers, General Manager of Paramount Hotel Midtown in Business Bay.

The achievement follows an extensive inspection in September 2023, wherein the hotel excelled in implementing a series of innovative sustainability initiatives. Paramount Hotel Midtown has diligently incorporated processes aligned with the DST Sustainability 19 Measures, showcasing a holistic approach towards sustainable operations.

From the outset, the hotel implemented sustainable practices, eliminating single-use plastic water bottles and introducing luxury amenity dispensers in guest bathrooms. The hotel is constantly improving its ongoing partnerships with sustainable corporations and communities for hotel sections and products from water filters, bathroom amenities, and food products, these all underscore its steadfast support for environmentally responsible practices.

In the kitchen and restaurants at Paramount Hotel Midtown, “Sustainable Dish of the Day” has been introduced on the Business Lunch menus, underscoring the unwavering dedication to sustainability. This initiative is a clear testament to the commitment to supporting locally grown products in the UAE, as the chefs meticulously craft each dish using the finest locally sourced ingredients.

As part of the hotel’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and employee well-being, plans to introduce water irrigation systems for staff have been put in place, enabling the efficient use of water resources in staff areas. Moreover, all Paramount Hotel Midtown staff are encouraged to use stairs instead of elevators. This advocacy reflects the hotel’s dedication to promoting healthier lifestyles and reducing energy consumption through simple yet impactful measures.

Paramount Hotel Midtown actively promotes sustainability through various initiatives. The recycling room efficiently handles recyclables, reducing waste. Digital alternatives like QR codes minimize paper usage. A linen reuse program, water reduction devices, and reusable valet cards underscore the hotel’s commitment to responsible resource management.

Energy-saving measures, including LED lighting and motion sensors, showcase the hotel’s dedication to reducing its carbon footprint. Active participation in Earth Hour and desert litter clean-up initiatives further highlight their commitment to environmental conservation.

Looking to 2024, Paramount Hotel Midtown plans ambitious sustainability initiatives, fostering partnerships with CSR corporations and communities and local food banks. Ongoing food waste composter trials aim to repurpose surplus food, and rooftop gardens will promote locally sourced produce. Anticipating the installation of electric car charging points demonstrates the hotel’s commitment to sustainable transportation options, contributing to the city’s reduced carbon emissions.

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