Does your heart ask for bright adventures? We invite you to a theatrical dinner by Host Theatre, where you will encounter four facets of Mexican myths.

The evening will take place on Thursday, 24th November at PAPA DUBAI – a unique destination comprising nine conceptual bars each with its own distinctive energy and drinks, innovative Nikkei cuisine and exquisite interior design. The perfect setting to plunge into a sea of ​​new emotions with a never before seen performance by Host Theatre!

Host Theatre is a unique project that combines theatrical art and the hospitality industry. Having performed in five cities to over 25,000 guests, Host Theatre has now created an all new story to share with guests at Papa Dubai.

Theatrical Dinner by Host Theatre: Chapter 1, Mexican Papa will immerse guests in the world of Mexican myths and legends. Mexico is an ancient and multicultural country, dry and hot.  In this it is similar to the Emirates, and these countries even share a common legend: where did the rain go?

Mayan mysteries, ancient spirits, the Carnival of the Dead and an ironic sketch about the Mexican Mafia await guests in the transportive space of Papa Dubai. The venue will be divided into four zones, each zone with a fascinating play performed by the actors of the Host Theatre.

The guide to the mysterious world of Mexican myths will be Texkalitpoca, the omnipresent god of the north and the night sky. According to legend, he has the ability to read minds. He is able to visualize and embody the most unimaginable absurd thoughts, fantasy, desires of guests.

Theatrical Dinner by Host Theatre: Chapter 1, Mexican Papa is much more than just a dinner show. It is a truly immersive experience where the lines between performers and viewers are blurred and guest participation is encouraged. The interactive performance is accompanied by a three course dinner where guests can taste Nikkei gourmet cuisine, which combines Peruvian and Japanese culinary traditions. Guests can opt for the standard package for AED 650 with one welcome cocktail, or indulge in the premium package with unlimited drinks for AED 1200.

Premiering on Thursday 24th November, guests can attend Theatrical Dinner by Host Theatre: Chapter 1, Mexican Papa every Thursday, with chapter 2 and 3 to be unveiled at a later stage. The evening begins with a welcome reception at 19:00, with dinner and performances from 19:30 onwards.

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