Combining several travel goals is increasingly becoming the norm among travellers when choosing the next date, destination and purpose of their getaway, with medical tourism coming to the forefront of these trends thanks to the world of expertise and specialties opening before them. At the centre of it, Geneva advances as one of the most sought-after destinations for those seeking not only relaxation and comfort, but also the feeling of coming back to their homes with a healthier mind and body.

Hôpital de La Tour has gained a global reputation as one of Geneva’s leading medical establishments, providing personalized care through a comprehensive multidisciplinary approach, designed to enable patients to reach their health goals and improve the quality of their lives.

From diagnosis to treatment and monitoring, Hôpital de La Tour’s team of internationally recognized medical professionals practice an array of specialties within a state-of-the-art equipped campus, combining different departments to answer to all patients’ needs including sports medicine, orthopedics & traumatology, heart center, cancer center, metabolism & obesity center and the Swiss center for preventive medicine.

Hôpital de La Tour stands as one of the most comprehensive medical establishments in Geneva, with 172 beds, an intensive care unit with 10 beds, an accredited progressive care unit with 4 beds, 8 operating rooms, 2 cardiac catheterization laboratories, a 24/7 emergency department, 4 delivery suites, a NICU and an ISO 9001-certified sterilization unit. These facilities allow the hospital to offer premium care of any level to its patients, with an emphasis on providing an encapsulating treatment approach under one roof.

Developing medical tourism through supporting highly acclaimed medical establishments comes as one of Geneva’s most important short and long terms goals, answering to the rising demand for comprehensive and multidisciplinary treatment approaches, as travellers recognise the importance of seeking the best professional care, and choose to take a trip not only to recharge, but to achieve a higher quality of life in general. But when travelling to Geneva, there’s no escaping the beauty and comfort this city shares, from lush gardens, winter sports activities, gourmand experiences and a rich art and culture scene, an inside-out healing destination for the body and soul.

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