Makani Al Ain Mall is excited to announce the opening of ALBAIK’s newest branch in Makani Al Ain Mall. This new outlet marks another milestone for Makani Al Ain Mall and reinforces its commitment to providing exceptional dining experiences to its customers in Al Ain.

Situated in Al Ain, Makani Al Ain Mall, formerly known as Al Ain Mall, was acquired by Makani Real Estate in 2022 as an addition to its growing development portfolio, which includes notable Community Centers and Regional Malls such as Makani Al Shamkha, Makani Zakher, Makani Khalifa City SE13, Makani Mohammed Bin Zayed Z7, and the recently announced Makani Khalidiya Garden Community Center.

With an impressive selection of over 60 Food and Beverage outlets, Makani Al Ain Mall remains the preferred destination for customers in Al Ain, offering meticulously curated options to satisfy every palate.

“We are delighted to welcome ALBAIK to Makani Al Ain Mall as they open their 11th UAE branch in Al Ain,” said Raed Al Hadad, COO of Makani Real Estate on behalf of Makani Al Ain Mall, “We are confident that their presence in our mall will further enhance our robust culinary offering and delight our customers with their delectable menu.”

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