Introducing the Climate Friendly Travel Club

In the iconic global tourism centre of Bali, SUNx – Strong Universal Network announced that it was launching a new social enterprise Club for Climate Friendly Travellers – The Climate Friendly Travel Club (CFTC).

CFTC was announced during the World Tourism Network’s (WTN) TIME Summit by Professor Geoffrey Lipman, President of SUNx with the formal signature of an SDG 17 Agreement with WTN.

Lipman said “ The Climate Friendly Travel Club” is another step in our 2030 Strategy to help Developing and Small Island States respond to the code red Climate Crisis using clean and green Tourism as an economic development lifeline. It is symbolic of our commitment to social development and justice, through Climate Friendly Travel. The fact that we are launching here in Bali is because it is a great case study for the opportunities that the right kind of respectful tourism presents.

“But these opportunities can only be capitalized on if we can factor in the need to prepare for the inevitable extreme weather impacts of the man-made climate crisis. By linking Climate Conscious travellers, with committed Tourism Communities and Companies, we will support a just transition to the new Climate Economy, using the tried and tested loyalty club method. In the coming months we will be unveiling rewards for our club members with our rapidly expanding Climate Friendly Travel network of local community boutique hospitality operators. Simultaneously we will increase our advocacy for clean aviation as an essential element of Climate Friendly Travel ”

Lipman concluded by introducing industry veterans Ged Brown, Founder, Low Season Traveller, as Chief Executive of CFTC, and Dr Jens Thraenhart, former CEO Barbados Tourism Marketing, as Chief Marketing Officer. He also announced that entertainment star Alston Koch was creating a Medley of Cool Climate Music to support CFTC.

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