Hala China launches bilateral cultural exchange campaign in partnership with UAE Nation Brand, China’s Ministry of Culture and Tourism and Consulate General of China in Dubai

  • Flagship event ‘UAE through Chinese Eyes’ and ‘China through Emirati Eyes’ to feature four photography exhibitions that offer glimpse into both worlds as precautions limit gatherings and travel
  • Competitions and digital workshops to focus on cultural exchange in art, poetry and storytelling through multi-media
  • Hala China establishes key partnerships to enhance knowledge sharing, digital content creation and Chinese cultural experience in UAE

Hala China, a practical platform that seeks to enhance economic and cultural exchange and drive investment cooperation between the UAE and China, today announced a first-of-its-kind bilateral cultural exchange campaign aimed at strengthening ties between the two countries. The initiative runs with the support of the UAE Nation Brand, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of China and the Consulate General of the People’s Republic of China in Dubai.

The campaign comprises four flagship exhibitions, two in each showcase, under the themes ‘UAE through Chinese Eyes’ and ‘China through Emirati Eyes’. The first event of the series, ‘Shot in the Emirates’, will depict different cultural forms, such as poetry and art, through 50-100 images taken during a photography tour involving professional Chinese photographers, models and social media influencers, who will journey into the unknown and explore hidden gems across the UAE.

A similar collection of images by the UAE’s photographers discovering hidden destinations in Hangzhou, Chengdu and across major cities in China, including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, will make up the ‘China through Emirati Eyes’ showcase.

The exhibitions will also be available for viewing in a digital format on a dedicated website created in partnership with Fengniao, the most popular online media platform for people in the imaging industry that attracts eight million visitors a day.

Sheikh Majid Al Mualla, Chairman of the Board of Directors at Hala China, said:In recent years, Hala China has been instrumental in creating mutually beneficial opportunities for the UAE and China not just from an economic perspective but also in terms of cultural exchange. As we reflect upon and assess the transformations in our world, there is an even greater need for us to unite in spirit and celebrate. Through our new campaign, we renew our commitment to realising our shared vision.

“It is a reminder that our relationship is not one-dimensional. It is evolving, and open to new endeavours and market opportunities. And it is this dynamism, this mutual understanding, that creates prime opportunities for our two countries to introduce their advanced infrastructure and world-class experiences to the new generation of business leaders and world explorers.”

Previously, Hala China hosted two editions of ‘Dubai Through Chinese Eyes’ – in 2018 in Ningbo and in 2019 in Hangzhou, both in Zhejiang province. The 16-day photography exhibitions displayed 170 evocative images of Dubai’s inimitable landscapes, high-end lifestyle and multicultural environment, snapped by prominent UAE-based Chinese photographers, that offered a unique perspective of the city.

As a testament to its commitment to strengthening opportunities for individuals and companies in the field of photography and videography, Hala China has established three key partnerships.

The first has seen it join forces with Chinese entity P&V to create future opportunities through a platform specially designed for the exchange of ideas between photographers and filmmakers in the UAE and China.

The second partnership is with UShine, a multi-channel networking company in collaboration with TikTok, to create an incubator for digital media influencers in the region.

The third is with a UAE-born special events company Qi, founded by three Emirati women, whose vision is to showcase China, its culture and its people through curated events and activities, giving the people of the UAE a chance to immerse themselves in Chinese-inspired cultural experiences to promote mutual understanding.

Hala China seeks to engage the creative communities in the two nations through competitions and digital workshops enabling the exchange of shareable bite-sized content of authentic experiences, such as the practice of Tai Chi or traditional techniques of making dimsums in China, or pearl diving in the UAE.

Alia Al Hammadi, Director of the UAE Nation Brand Office, said: “China and the UAE have been enjoying rapidly growing bilateral relations across different domains. The two countries have been strengthening their relations to bring social, economic and cultural benefits, and enhance the wellbeing of their people.” 

She added: “With culture and art forming the central pillars of our efforts to connect people and build bridges across different nationalities, we are proud to support the great initiatives behind Hala China as part of our objective to boost social relations in our country that was established on the values of tolerance and coexistence.”

Al Hammadi stressed that the UAE is home to more than 200,000 Chinese residents and welcomes up to one million Chinese tourists every year. China also remains the UAE’s largest trading partner with a value exceeding AED200 billion, and their ties keep growing every year.

She said: “Such social initiatives reaffirm our commitment to strengthening relations and connecting the people of our two countries beyond the diplomatic realm.”

His Excellency Li Xuhang, Consul General of the People’s Republic of China in Dubai, said: “Hala China has been working closely with the Chinese Consulate General and the governmental entities of the two countries to successfully organise Happy Chinese New Year in Dubai and the Grand Parade for three consecutive years. The events have effectively promoted bilateral cooperation and people-to-people exchanges between China and the UAE, and have been widely welcomed by both nations with very positive feedback.

“The year 2021 will mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Chinese Communist Party and the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan, while the UAE will celebrate its 50th anniversary as well as host Expo 2020 Dubai, ushering in a new era of friendship and cooperation between the two countries that will produce momentous achievements. We hope that the great works of artists and photographers from  China and the UAE will contribute to deepening the mutual understanding between Chinese and Emiratis, inject new vitality into our cordial bilateral relations, and boost practical exchange and cooperation between our two countries.”

Hala China and the UAE host the biggest-ever Chinese New Year celebrations outside mainland China in Dubai. Last year, more than 50,000 visitors flocked to City Walk for the opening Grand Parade that boasted performances featuring elaborate dragons and lions, and people dressed in traditional costumes.

Hala China focuses on exploring opportunities to facilitate economic development through tourism, trade and investment.

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