Global Village, the UAE and wider region’s leading multicultural family destination for culture, shopping, and entertainment, hosted its eagerly awaited Annual Achievement Awards ceremony yesterday, to honour government, business and media partners for their integral contribution to the on-going success of Global Village Season 28.

Highlighting exceptional achievements across various categories, the awards underscored the enduring value that partners bring to Global Village, offering top notch entertainment experiences to guests year after year.

The Iran Pavilion claimed the first place’s Gold trophy for the ‘Best Pavilion’ award for its authentic portrayal of this vibrant culture of Iran, while the Afghanistan Pavilion was named second place winner, and Egypt Pavilion in third place. The Iran Pavilion’s impressive architecture has also earned it the first place in the ‘Best Façade’ award, as the Turkey Pavilion secured the second place, with both India and Syria Pavilions sharing the third place.

The Europe Pavilion, which wowed audiences with its captivating cultural performances, won the first place in the ‘Best Cultural Show’ award, followed by Syria Pavilion in second place, and Pakistan Pavilion in third place.

The Iran Pavilion also won first place in the ‘Best Craftsmanship’ award, paying tribute to the exceptional talent and dedication of its artisans. Following closely, the Japan Pavilion won the second place, while Egypt Pavilion secured the third place.

Belgrave took home the first place’s Gold trophy for the ‘Best Restaurant’ award this season, while Persian Kebab won the second place, and Etisleri the third place. Lasagne kiosk in Fiesta Street won the first place in the ‘Best Global Village Kiosk’ award, while Cola Ribs came in second, and Umm Ali in third place. Coterra won first place in the ‘Best Coffee Shop’ award, while Baskin Robins won second place, and Café Anatolia claimed third place.

Tushiz was honoured with the first place’s Gold trophy in the ‘Best SME Kiosk’ award, while Smash Taco secured the second place, and Walemat Altaybat in third place.

Partner awards also included House of Fear as the first place winner of the ‘Best Walk-In Attraction’ award, followed Sharpshooter in second, and finally Mirror Maze in third place.

For ‘Best Retail Shop’ award, Al Ansari Exchange claimed the first place, receiving the Gold trophy, while Nahdi Pharmacy followed closely, securing the second place with the Silver trophy, and Al Rawnaq Perfumes came in the third place, earning the Bronze trophy.

Global Village also acknowledged the efforts and accomplishments of entrepreneurs, as Mahshy Station secured the first place’s Gold trophy for the “Woman Entrepreneurship” award, while Zool Mashawi was named second place winner, and Gather On third place winner.

A D Burger kiosk in Happiness Street claimed the first place’s Gold trophy for this year’s “Guests’ Favourite Kiosk” award, while Lazio was named the second place winner, and Churros secured the third place. Finally, for the “Most Viral Kiosk” award, Lazagne earned the first place’s Gold trophy, followed by Tantuni, who was named second place winner, and Flat Burger as third place winner.

Amidst the celebration of the remarkable achievements by its partners, the awards ceremony also served as a moment to express gratitude to the government authorities for their unwavering support, which has played a pivotal role in fostering an environment that champions innovation and growth. The Global Village team as well honoured and thanked the dedicated media professionals and journalists for their invaluable contributions in sharing astonishing stories that spotlight the unforgettable experiences offered in Global Village and the people behind them.

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