German National Tourist Board (GNTB) continues to bolster its sustainable tourism offerings with the relaunch of one of its most popular campaigns,Embrace German Nature,on March 1.

“The Embrace German Nature campaign promotes physical and mental health and well-being in travel, sustainable tourism products, climate-friendly travel and transportation options on site among others,” said Yamina Sofo, Regional Director of Sales and Marketing – German National Tourist Board. “Mindfulness, sustainability, and nature have increased in popularity for the GCC market, encouraging us to meet the demand with tourism that takes global climate targets into account and unites responsible use of natural resources.”

With more than 33 per cent of the entire country under special protection as national natural landscapes, the campaign highlights the stunning natural landscapes and sites Germany boasts, including 18 Biosphere Reserves, 16 national parks, covering more than 10,000km². and 104 nature parks. Home to 51 UNESCO World Heritage Sites which canvass the entire country, with an array of certified environmentally friendly accommodation.

Ecotourism is expected to see a market growth of 15 per cent between 2021 and 2031, according to analysis by the Future Market Insights Institute, with Embrace German Nature considering the heightened demand and aligning with market desires.

Europa, Deutschland, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Schwaebische Alp

Inspirational and fascinating, Germany has a diverse ecological make up, home to over 300,000 kilometres of Islands and coasts, imposing mountains and dense forests. Those looking to stay fit while taking in the sights can enjoy a vast range of world-class hiking trails and 76,000 kilometres of cycle paths.

Numerous short quality routes were certified for the first time in 2023, opening up an even wider range of outdoor activities for all abilities including Buchen Hercules Trail in Baden-Württemberg; Margrave round in Bavaria; and Ruhland Trail in Hesse.

One third of Germany is covered by forest and approximately 50,000 animal and 20,000 plant species exist within the country meaning nature experiences are readily available for travellers.

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