Feels by the Beach, Dubai’s first, local, specialised juice bar and kitchen introduces a new speciality drink and soft serve ice cream to its menu In celebration of its new Dubai mascot, Dolphee. Feels continues to create 100% natural, wholesome delectables that are crafted to provide a refreshing experience, perfectly tailored to beat the heat and elevate the enjoyment of summer moments.

Infusing creativity with the finest ingredients, Feels proudly presents two captivating menu innovations The Dolphee Cooler, a revitalizing lemonade slush sweetened with agave, and The Dolphee Softie, a dairy-free coconut mango delight served in a vegan waffle cone and crowned with dairy-free chocolate. These additions not only epitomize Feels’ commitment to clean eating, but also reflect its deep-seated ethos of clean eating.

The Dolphee Softie is a soft serve ice cream that presents a dairy-free marvel, blending coconut and mango to deliver a luxuriously creamy texture that caters to lactose-intolerant individuals and those embracing dairy alternatives. Full of the healthy benefits of coconut and topped with dairy-free chocolate, the Dolphee Softie playfully combines health-conscious choices with wholesome fats. The vibrant mangos infused into the softie is abundant in immune-boosting vitamin C, adding a refreshing twist that promotes radiant skin and overall well-being.

Not to be outdone, the Dolphee Cooler emerges as a refreshing champion of hydration. Crafted as an ideal post-workout companion, this lemonade slush aids in replenishing electrolytes lost during physical activities. Its unique allure lies in being sweetened with agave nectar, offering a lower glycemic index compared to traditional sugars. This makes it a mindful choice for those seeking to manage their blood sugar levels while indulging in natural sweetness. As a delightful citrus powerhouse, the Dolphee Cooler provides a burst of vitamin C, known for supporting collagen production to nurture healthy skin and joints for revitalization and invigoration.

The addition of the specialty drink and soft serve ice cream, skillfully crafted by Feels, stands as a testemant to its commitment to creating an experience that embraces both health-conscious choices and the simple joys of life by the beach.

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