Have you ever wanted to experience the mystery and magic of the deep blue sea? Now is your chance! Emaar Entertainment’s Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo at The Dubai Mall invites guests to take part in exhilarating new diving experiences. Go on an incredible journey through the deep blue sea without leaving The Dubai Mall!

Diving enthusiasts can experience the thrill of scuba diving in the spectacular Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo. Following a quick theory lesson, the dive instructor will inform guests of the basic safety guidelines and skills in the confines of a cage before they venture out for their dive in the 10 million litre Aquarium.

For those who choose to opt for an unconventional experience, the shark diving experience allows guests to share the water with sand tiger sharks, reef sharks, leopard sharks, tawny nurse sharks, giant groupers and stingrays, and a whole host of other marine species as they embark on a diving journey in the 10 million litre tank!

Alternatively, the shark walking experience allows guests to witness the beauty and magnificence of sharks by getting up close and personal with the world’s ultimate predators all while wearing an oxygenated helmet.

Don’t forget to ask your instructor to film the experience using his GoPro, if you like what you see, you can buy the memory card to share with friends and family later!

Until the end of September, all guests can avail 20% off all diving experiences at DAUZ by simply booking their tickets via the ticketing counters located at the attraction.

Experience the wonder of underwater life – sign up for scuba diving, shark diving, shark walking or even cage snorkeling! Whether you choose to treat your kids to an unforgettable experience as they gear up for back to school or want to gather all your adrenaline loving friends together for a thrill, there is something for everyone at Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

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