Journey through Rajasthan at Michelin Guide selected restaurant Little Miss India as they unveil their latest edition of ‘Travels of Mohini,’ an enchanting and interactive adventure that celebrates the rich tapestry of Indian culture, heritage, and traditions.

The magical journey takes guests on an immersive experience, introduced by the mistress of the mansion, a fictional character named Mohini Singh – Little Miss India herself, where guests can explore the wonders of the country through the eyes of the endearing protagonist. Inspired by the diverse and colorful landscape of the region, ‘Travels of Mohini’ showcases the culture and profound history. With its grandeur and opulence, the “Land of Kings,” Rajasthan, takes center stage with its sweeping deserts and flavorful spices. The menu is meticulously crafted and captures the essence of Rajasthan’s gastronomic treasures. The culinary artisans behind the scenes weave together traditions and innovation, reimagining age-old recipes to present them in a modern yet authentic light.
Launching on the 21st of August, the limited-edition menu is flavor packed with signature Rajasthani dishes such as Laal Mans, a lamb curry with yoghurt and mathania chilies, Dundhar Murgh made with chicken and tangy raw mango, mint and saffron along with Dal Bati Churma and Jodhpuri Gatte with gram flour dumplings, fenugreek and yoghurt. The menu ends on a golden yet sweet note with Ghever, a traditional Rajasthani sweet with saffron, mascarpone and almond topped with luxurious 23 karat gold.
Lovers of Indian cuisine are invited to Little Miss India to enjoy a fine-dining gastronomic evening for a limited period available until the 30th of September.
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