Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub, Dubai South announced that private-jet movements continued their impressive growth in 2021, with more than a 346% increase in H1 2021, reaching 8,088 compared to 1,811 in H1 2020 and 3,056 in H1 2019.

The top four destinations that contributed to the increase during H1 2021 were Russia, India, the Maldives and Turkey.

Tahnoon Saif, CEO of Mohammed bin Rashid Aerospace Hub, said: “The booking velocity is attributed to a diverse range of factors, including the Dubai government on one hand, which has been extremely active in working with all sectors to successfully instil confidence, empower businesses and foster development. On the other hand, Dubai, given its quick recovery post-pandemic, proved to be the ideal destination for tourism, living, and, most importantly, conducting business. The continuous growth in jet movements is a testament to the farsighted leadership that ensured the emirate emerged as one of the most resilient cities in the world. Furthermore, the stringent protocols pertaining to the hygiene and safety measures that we have taken paved the way to enticing international travellers to visit Dubai.”

“At MBRAH, we will spare no effort in consolidating Dubai’s position on the global travel map. We are truly dedicated to setting in place the required ecosystem for our valued passengers, leaving no room for error; their safety is part and parcel of our mandate, and, thus, we will deliver what we promised”.

MBRAH offers global aerospace players high-level connectivity and is a free-zone destination for the world’s leading private-jet companies and associated industries. Located in and developed by Dubai South, MBRAH is home to maintenance centres as well as to training and education campuses and seeks to strengthen engineering industries.

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