AVIAREPS’ new digital ecosystem provides an all-in-one hub that simplifies digital marketing for travel professionals around the world

AVIAREPS, the global leader in tourism, aviation and hospitality representation with 65 offices in 48 countries around the world, has launched its Digital Ecosystem, an all-in-one marketing hub for the travel industry. The AVIAREPS Ecosystem empowers everyone to market their brand and product to a global community online via a platform that combines several digital marketing solutions into one unified hub. With only a few clicks, customers can promote their destination, hotel, airline, car rental, cruise line or attraction and reach potential trade partners around the world.

The AVIAREPS Ecosystem brings digital marketing solutions such as landing pages, campaign websites, webinars, online press conferences, e-learnings and virtual events under one umbrella. The platform lets clients reach travel trade professionals and media all over the world with specific market campaigns, a multi-country approach or a global campaign.

All campaigns are fully customizable to the client’s CI and the user-friendly interface of the AVIAREPS Ecosystem allows the user to easily adjust multiple design themes and components. Users benefit from a single sign-on and from easy access to the browser-based digital marketing services, provided by state-of-the-art technology partners to ensure the best-in-class solutions.

Thomas Drechsler, COO Tourism at AVIAREPS, said: “Our digital ecosystem offers easy access to a variety of digital marketing services for the travel industry. By bringing webinars, websites, e-learnings and virtual events under one global umbrella, we simplify digital marketing and expand the potential reach of digital marketing campaigns. Our competent local trade marketers at AVIAREPS help clients design the perfect campaign and assist in selecting suitable content for the campaigns. Thanks to the user-friendly design and browser-based technology, the AVIAREPS Ecosystem empowers everyone to market their brand and product to a global community online – no technical expertise is necessary! Be it a landing page, a campaign website, an online press conference or an e-learning course: our digital ecosystem with state-of-the-art technology offers the perfect solution for everyone. We are proud to expand our digital service portfolio, which already consists of CRM and communication solutions, and to launch a digital ecosystem that simplifies online marketing and integrates technical solutions into one unified hub.”

Commenting on the initiative, Glenn Johnston, Vice President Middle East & Global Public Affairs at AVIAREPS said: “We are extremely proud to launch our new digital travel hub as a solution for tailored and multi-lingual campaigns and business development activities designed specifically for the travel industry in mind. I’m personally excited to use this platform to elevate our Middle East activations on behalf of our global clients.”

AVIAREPS is the world’s leading international representation, marketing and communications company for aviation, tourism, hospitality, and food and beverage brands. Founded in Germany in 1994 with the ambition to help clients to step into global markets, the company’s global network now expands around the world to six continents.

The AVIAREPS service portfolio includes extensive expertise in representation and sales, marketing and communications, business development, IT solutions and financial services. In addition to their well-established General Sales Agent (GSA) services and tourism marketing representation, AVIAREPS provides more than 250 clients with support in digital marketing, advertising, public relations, crisis communications, social media management, event coordination, sales, web design and more.

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