The Australian Ambassador of Counter-Terrorism, Roger Noble, accompanied by the Australian Ambassador to the UAE, Heidi Venamore, and members of the Australian diplomatic team, visited the Emirates Group Security Headquarters in Dubai. In recognition of the long-standing close cooperation with Australia, the purpose of the visit was to discuss border enforcement, general crime prevention pursuits, aviation security, and continual security education that has become a cornerstone in building a strong security culture.

Emirates Group Security (EGS)’s expertise and areas of excellence were highlighted during the visit, especially:

  • Its culture of lifelong learning to strengthen and progress aviation security through its in-house security education programme that EGS has been pursuing in partnership with the Edith Cowan University (ECU) of Western Australia.
  • The implementation and use of state-of-the-art systems, combined with the right processes to combat general, cybercrimes and acts of unlawful interference to civil aviation.
  • The well-skilled resources and appropriate deployment of the right personnel in the execution of border enforcement security regime and related functions.
  • It’s initiatives to integrate and facilitate border enforcement controls.
  • The continued cooperation and support for one of the leading AVSEC conferences in the world hosted by Emirates Group Security – the AVSEC Global Symposium and Awards from 3rd-5th October, 2021 at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel, Dubai.

Dr Abdulla Al Hashimi, Divisional Senior Vice President of Emirates Group Security, said: “The world economy and the travel industry are operating in an increasingly complex landscape with greater demands from all stakeholders. To meet these challenges, we have to leverage technology and enhanced partnerships. The role played by airlines in border control, and aviation security is increasingly important, especially as the world economy and travel industry recover from the Covid-19 environment. The visit by the Australian Ambassador for Counter-Terrorism reflects the same. The development of a strong relationship between industry and states allows airlines to develop a greater integrated approach to border control and aviation security, ultimately facilitating smoother and safer travel for passengers.”

The visit also included a brief overview of Transguard Group, its support in the security supply chain and a facility tour.

Australian Ambassador to the UAE, Ms Heidi Venamore PSM, said: “Visiting the Emirates Group Security facilities provided a unique insight into the international aviation security environment and the role of innovative platforms and cutting-edge technology to ensure a safe and secure travel experience. We welcomed the opportunity to discuss mutual areas of interest on aviation security, counter terrorism, and the impact of COVID-19. This visit highlighted the importance of partnership between government and industry to address the challenges facing aviation security into the future.”

About Emirates Group Security

Emirates Group Security is a multi-faceted organisation that develops and implements security strategies and measures across the Emirates network. It offers a comprehensive range of aviation security services internationally and in the UAE, and helps safeguard customers, employees and company assets against acts of unlawful interference. Through continuous review and workforce training, Emirates Group Security implements international industry protocols to the highest standards, ensuring a safe and secure environment for Emirates airline and other operators.


In a highly specialised market with only a handful of competent organisations globally, Emirates Group Security is a leader in aviation security products, including aviation security education and training.


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Top Row (L-R): Jacob Rajan (Manager Airport Security, EGS),  Tim Carlson (Second Secretary, Australian Embassy UAE), Inspector Phil Cachia (Australian Border Force), Zack Zainal (Senor Vice President, EGS), Superintendent Jane Dickenson (Australian Federal Police), Michael Odgers (Regional MENA Department of Home Affairs) and Rajendra Singh (Vice President of Global Aviation Security Operations, EGS).

Bottom Row (L-R): Heidi Venamore (Australian Ambassador to the UAE), Dr Abdulla Al Hashimi (Divisional Senior Vice President, EGS) and Roger Noble (Australian Ambassador of Counter-Terrorism)

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