A myriad of Iftar and Suhoor menus, heritage and cultural tours and adventure experiences make AlUla the place to spend quality time together and do something different this Ramadan

This Ramadan, AlUla invites you to celebrate the Holy Month among the city’s ancient landscapes and natural beauties. Whether fasting or relaxing, there are spectacular Iftar and Suhoor settings in AlUla’s newest restaurants, as well as  outdoor morning and evening adventures to gather in nature, connect and revive the traditional old sentiments of Ramadan.

Enjoy Iftar and Suhoor surrounded by Mother Nature:

Habitas AlUla, Shaden or Sahary Resort, are offering Iftar and Suhoor menus inspired by the local Saudi and Arabic food mixed with a taste from AlUla farms’ fresh ingredients. These stunning settings provide the perfect place to break your fast.

Alternatively, AlUla’s newest arts and dining precinct, AlJadidah, will offer a lively gathering of diners under the festoon lighting of this pedestrian friendly area. At newcomer, Somewhere, enjoy a selection of Middle-Eastern and Mediterranean dishes in the magical outdoor oasis, or break your fast with the delicious Italian fare at get Circolo restaurant located in Oasis Square. Vegetarians should try the ever-so-healthy Moonshell in AlJadidah’s Gathering Square. If you are looking for something even more casual, have your Iftar or Suhoor from the food trucks in the Art Square area. .

At the geological wonder of Elephant Rock, enjoy your Iftar meal from the famous SALT food truck during the scenic sunset views while admiring the surrounding rock formations of this magical place. Or take the opportunity to have your Suhoor there while gathering with your family and friends around the night fire in the stylish seating circles surrounding the Elephant rock.

The offering at Pink Camel Pastry Boutique includes the best coffee and Macarons in AlUla with tables set into the sand and surrounded by the beautiful palms and the fragrant citrus trees of AlUla Summer Oasis.

AlUla Old Town has become the beating heart of AlUla and with its Ramadan decorations is even more special to visit.  Enjoy the traditional Iftar and Suhoor in the popular upscale Suhail Old Town restaurant, offering a modern Saudi Arabian fine dining concept serving dishes inspired by ancient spices of the Arabian Peninsula and time-honoured traditions. Other restaurants in the mesmerizing seating areas in the Incense Road Market include Merkaz restaurant, AlNakheel or AlRahba Café, offering unique iftar and Suhoor menus and a selection of traditional Ramadan beverages.

Why not make your own food or grab a take away coffee and snack from Wacafe, ACME or Le Moulin Bakery and head up the hill to the Harrat Uwayrid viewpoint for spectacular sunset or sunrise with a 360 degree scenic view of all of AlUla

Swap TV for an outdoor adventure this Ramadan

It’s not too late to experience the thrilling and adrenaline rush activities in AlUla, this year, the unique outdoor and natural activities have been extended and will run all year round, so you can enjoy them at your leisure without the crowds. Celebrate the Holy Month while challenging your mind and body and enjoying the natural surroundings.

Try one of the hiking trails in AlUla, offering either early mornings or evening departures, the surprising Hidden Valley Hike offers views around every rock and the The Ridge Walk Hike will take you around the rim of a volcano, the trails offer you the opportunity of getting amongst nature and appreciating it in a way that sightseeing will never deliver.

For more thrilling activity, try Via Ferrata and Canyon Hammock, Zigzag your way across the canyon, suspended in a harness, completing aerial challenges and manoeuvring through floating obstacles. Rock Climbing, Abseiling, or flying through the valley using the tallest Zipline rope in Saudi Arabia – all these activities are on offer for those after a Ramadan with a difference. Operated by the experts ‘Warrior’, all the activities are suitable for beginners who will be guided by tour guides to maintain the safety of the users.

The new bike path offers a mountain biking adventure on a spectacular route, cycling through AlUla’s amazing sandstone mountains. The level of the challenge changes throughout the 14 KM-long journey.

From the land to the sky, AlUla’s beauty is arguably best admired from the air. Enjoy a 30 minute helicopter flight over AlUla and see AlUla’s iconic landmarks such as Hegra, Dadan and Jabal Ikmah, the Old Town and Elephant Rock. The tour is family-friendly and is suitable for children above 3 years old accompanied by their parents.

And as day turns into night, leave the festive lighting of the city and head an hour into the desert for the most magical Stargazing Experience. Sit back and reflect on the wonders of the world and travel back thousands of years in history to explore AlUla by night as 7000 years of civilisations have done before us.

Reconnect with Saudi’s magnificent heritage this Ramadan

All the heritage tours will be available during Ramadan. If you’re fasting, your time will fly, and if you are visiting for the first time you can do it without the crowds during the quieter Holy Month.

Tours to visit Hegra, the UNESCO World’s Heritage Site, will be available everyday with tours departing throughout the day. Vintage Cars provide a fun and stylish was to upgrade your visit or you can. tour using bicycles offered for visitors free of charge.

Visit Dadan and Jabal Ikmah and explore the ancient civilisations and kingdoms of Ancient Arabia while listening to your expert Rawi (Tour Guide) who will be educating you on the epic history of the region. You can also book the experience in a vintage car.

While AlUla Old Town has become synonymous with the vibrant Incense Road market – there are fascinating stories you can learn by booking a tour with a Rawi of this 800-year-old maze and the 10th century castle that provides stunning views of the town and the oasis.

All activities and more will be running throughout the Holy Month of Ramadan, the Eid and Summer Holidays. To know more and to book your experiences, visit: www.experiencealula.com

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