Interview with Mr Geoff Stowe, Director at WHS Australia

Wangara Horticultural Supplies: Largest Supplier of Easy-Fill™ Planter Bags and Top Quality Horticultural Products to the Middle East.

Q:         Why are your products so highly valued in the Middle East market?

The original design of our products was made with the Australian market in mind.  After visiting the Middle East, we found that the growers there had many of the same challenges that Australian growers were facing.  Our products stood up to the harsh and extreme climate in the Middle East, just as they did in Australia.  We use only top grade virgin materials and our UV additives are of the highest quality available.  Cheap imitations do not hold up in the extreme climate and do not last.  What may seem like a bargain buy, will cost more in labour and investment to replant and replace.

Q:         What makes WHS an industry leader?

With over 20 years of experience with a product that we innovated and perfected, customers have come to rely on our industry knowledge and customer support.  Universities and government agencies have entrusted Easy-Fill™ for many years.  Our customer base has grown to include Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia-Pacific.   Our ability to adapt and service our product to meet all of these different climate conditions is makes WHS truly an industry leader.

Q:         How long have you had a presence in the Middle East?

Our first visit to the Middle East was over 20 years ago.  Since then, we have cultivated a diverse customer base, helping establish many valued, long-held relationships.   We have been present at many major Trade Shows in the region sharing our knowledge and experience.   We make it a priority to personally visit the local nurseries and greenhouses to better understand our customer’s needs.

Q:         Does your company offer any guarantees on its products?

Easy-Fill™ planter bags are recognised around the world for their dependability and manufacturer’s guarantee.  The company believes in manufacturing a superior product with personal customer service that includes adapting the design for different environments and individual needs.

Q:         What other products do you offer?

We support the Horticultural Industry from the very beginning with products such as propagation tubes and seedling trays.  We have a wide variety of these to suit any species of plants and trees.  Some of our best sellers into the region are our flower tubes and specialised planter bags for date palms. Our product line of portable hedge bags and tree collars have also been well received.  WHS remains committed to the Middle East market through expert advice and ongoing product development.

WHS Australia, thank you for taking the time and giving us some insights into the unique benefits that your products have provided us here in the Middle East.  It’s clear to see why Wangara Horticultural Supplies is recognised as the largest supplier of superior horticultural products to the Middle East.

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