Essentials of the modern restaurant business

Owning a restaurant today is nothing but an ongoing competition for guests requiring a set of skills and competences in a fast paced business environment: while some businesses fly high and gain profit, others struggle for each penny and may end up ceasing operations. What does it take to bring your restaurant business to the next level in 2022? Let’s break it down.

Big idea is always good. But never enough. You may have great interior design, outstanding cuisine and a flair of exclusivity. You’ve nailed all the ABCs. Just like your competitors. So what makes the difference? It’s the people. They say theater starts with the cloakroom, we say your restaurant scene starts with a smile. Each member of your hard working and highly qualified (let’s take that for granted) team should enjoy what they do and devote themselves to their work to the fullest.

What’s next? 

As noted by Forbes, in 2022 there will still be restrictions, rapid popularity of delivery and labor shortage. And according to the National Restaurant Association, food, labor, and occupancy costs are expected to remain elevated, and continue to impact restaurant profit margins in 2022. So what can help a restaurant stay in the game and please its employees at the same time? As analyzed, the factor behind it might be the mastery of information systems.

This means digital goes to your kitchen. In order to get to the top of recommendations you’ve got to collect data, hire analytical experts and become a professional in the modern world of technology. Only by doing that will you stand out in this competitive field.

Knowing the laws of survival – your guest and employee needs as well as business development strategies – a group of experts has come up with a solution to boost your revenues. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Tipper. It’s a new generation digital platform allowing your guests to express gratitude to restaurant staff in a cashless, safe way, and keep all the reviews by your side. It’s a modern, customer-friendly and easy to use software both for you and your clients.

With Tipper all it takes for a guest of a restaurant to leave a tip is to scan a QR code! It doesn’t even require an app: the user-friendly pop-up webpage will suggest tipping your employee using Apple Pay, Samsung Pay or a credit/debit card. There’s also a feedback form, so the clients can leave a comment on what they liked. For example, food, cleanliness, service, and ambience.

The results show that the implementation of a digital tipping platform like Tipper can boost the amount of gratuity up to 30%. This factor can make employees happier, do their best and stay loyal. So the Tipper surely works both ways – the higher the quality of services, the happier you make your guests. And don’t forget about the good feedback that will make your business’s rates higher and achieve real profit sooner.

Your employees may encourage your clients to use Tipper at the right moment with a set of dedicated solutions: a plastic card with a personal QR-code will accompany the receipt, a stand up display will have all the info, a sticker will make it fun. As a result, the employee will raise their income and the restaurant owner will receive honest and valuable feedback.

Tipper makes the digital tips collecting and distributing process as easy as riding a bike. You can distribute money personally based on the employee’s performance or create a shared tip pool. Through your personal account, you have the option to track your employees’ performance, identify their strengths and things to work on. That way you can be sure that everything about your business development is under control.

By using Tipper, you can also track the growth. Get feedback from guests in the form of a visit evaluation and a text review. Find out your business’ strengths and limitations. Analyze only real reviews (as long as you only get them after a visit) directly in your Tipper profile and improve the quality and level of service by making data driven decisions.

Tipper makes everyone involved in the business feel like they belong and assures that everyone’s important, which is essential, even in the age of technology. With personal messages and emails, employees can become professional much faster to enjoy their success. Personal tips distribution model (if applicable) lets impactful employees see results of their hard work and motivates others to go that extra mile.

Certainly every successful business has to deal with the other side of popularity. People start having expectations, especially given your restaurant is one “talk about” venue. You’ve got to polish everything – from food quality to waiting time to the smiles your staff gives to your guests.

With instant notifications in messengers and by email, you will not miss a guest’s negative feedback in case there is any problem. Raise your credibility level by solving it here and now rather than being unaware of how things are going with your business.

Feeling unsafe about going digital? Don’t be. The Tipper team has you covered in all the behind the scene processes and will grant you with all the necessary materials, like personalized plastic cards for employees, information stands, stickers, coffee cup sleeves. Tipper’s Team will set up integration with your POS system quickly and free of charge. You can also contact your personal assistant who will help you to have the best experience of using Tipper.

Getting tech-savvy is easier than it seems. Why not try with Tipper?

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