Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona’s dining philosophy has always been crafted around serving food that provides an authentic experience for travellers. It’s these culinary experiences that create a doorway between exploring the new and making it into the familiar; by tasting food the way locals do throughout the seasons, and to further bridge the gap between visitors and daily Catalan life. To celebrate the upcoming Autumn season the hotel is introducing new menus inspired by those changes, which comes along with its own produce, flavours and warmth.

Starting from October, Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona will introduce a new tasting menu every 2 to 3 months, aligning the flavours with seasonal offerings for authentic, fresh and sustainable dishes served in their restaurants. From October until mid-December, guests will be treated to a special ‘mushroom’ tasting menu with a fun twist; a game designed to test and expand diner’s knowledge about the different varieties of mushrooms, and by the end of the season, winners will get the chance to participate in raffle draws for a chance to win hotel stays. The menu will feature elevated gourmet creations fused with distinctive flavours including mushroom’s tapa, Milk cap mushrooms and warm mackerel marinated in mild citrus, Chocolate ganache and Paris mushrooms with black trumpet mushroom dust.

For meat lovers, the hunting season in Spain, which runs from December until March 2023, will be reflected in a new special menu based on local meats and truffle, from deer, rabbit and partridge, guests will indulge in a winter feast like no other. Draped in green just in time for Spring, the menu from March until May will be focused on vegetables in a marriage of healthy eating concepts and freshly sourced ingredients from farm to table, ideal for a body and health reset after the cold season binge.

From June until August along with the beach season comes the fish and seafood fiesta with a special seasonal menu, known for its marine life variety and famous fish market, Barcelona’s Mediterranean shores bare some of the best delicacies the sea has to offer, which hotel chefs serve with a special care and genuine service.

Culinary excellence is one of the most cherished services at Majestic Hotel & Spa Barcelona, offered across the hotel’s outlets including the 2018 prestigious Prix Villégiature award winning breakfast, created by the hotel’s Consultant Chef, Nandu Jubany, the 2019 Prix Villégiature Award winning rooftop terrace, La Dolce Vitae, the panoramic views of Gaudi’s city offer an enchanting setup combined with a relaxing, yet contemporary, atmosphere, surrounded by soft music tunes and a variety of beverages and snacks, and Restaurant SOLC, serving a wide range of locally-sourced organic ingredients, crafted into decadent dishes and inspired by the traditional Catalan cuisine, where rich flavours reinvent healthy dining into a one of a kind experience.

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