LAVITA, the soon to open coastal escape at One Palm Jumeirah Dorchester Collection, presents its exquisite in-house Japanese restaurant, SHIMA. Promising vibrant flavours and artistry of Japanese cuisine, the latest culinary destination is set to bring an exciting twist to beachside dining.

Headed by globally renowned chef Koyi Tanabe, SHIMA is set to take center stage in the Japanese gastronomy scene, flaunting avant-garde dishes, using only the finest flavours and ingredients, fused with artistic presentation like no other. 

As a third generation Japanese national born in Lima Peru, Tanabe proudly credits his extensive culinary skillset and comprehensive understanding of premium Japanese cuisine to the Matsufuji family. Now celebrating 16 years global experience in the Japanese culinary cosmos, Koyi Tanabe has worked alongside a host of well-known celebrity chefs and Michelin Star phenomena across South America, Europe and now the Middle East.

The carefully curated menu confidently boasts a selection of culinary masterpieces, embodying the Japanese philosophy of integrating natural seasonal flavours and traditional ingredients, with worldwide culinary techniques. 

Featuring an array of signature plates, freshly prepared by the dedicated team of visionary chefs, guests can choose to order from the Sushi Bar, drawing attention to the Chutoro Sogigiri – a combination of chutoro slices, scallops, mizuna leaves, olive oil, spicy soybean paste, and orange supreme and the Hamachi Nigiri with mentaiko sauce, garlic confit, and yuzu skin for a delightful balance of savory and citrus notes. For those more inclined towards the savour of heated delicacies, outstanding dishes include the Ise Ebi Tempura – a powerful mastery of flavours spotlighting lobster tempura with black truffle and coral mayo and the King Crab Leg, cooked in robata with kanimiso, mirin hollandaise, Amalfi lemon gel and togarashi. 

With this flawlessly thought-out menu, in hand with its lavish interiors and vibrant atmosphere, fusing Japanese artistry with a coastal dining experience, there is no question that this venue is a must visit destination.

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