For the ones that are seeking an adventurous place to travel to, Oman is the perfect destination of rich history and breathtaking natural beauty. Called ‘the hidden gem of the Gulf’, it is land of its a land of diverse tourism attractions from towering desert dunes, palm-lined beaches, and lush verdant mountains, where ancient character meets modern. Together with the warm Omani hospitality and the preserved hundreds of years old traditions, a trip to this prestigious country would leave memories for a lifetime.

View of the Beautiful Asma Bint Alawi Mosque by the palm trees with the background of the blue sky, Qurum, Oman

To access breathtaking hiking terrain

Hiking routes can be found throughout the country; from short, accessible routes on the outskirts of cities and villages, to longer treks in more remote areas. Oman has something for every hiker, including some combining elements of canyoning and climbing. Lace up your walking boots for the rocky C38 trail from Muscat’s Riyam Park into the hills; rewards for this two-hour exertion include bird’s-eye views of the port and fortresses, and blissful mountain solitude. Hiking is at its best from October to April.

For sunset strolls along the Corniche

Muscat’s popular promenade winds from Sultan Qaboos Port east along the waterfront, following Al Bahri Road. One side of this picturesque path bypasses glittering shopfronts, dhows (traditional sailing boats) sway in the Oman sea. Spot bulky sixteenth century Mutrah Fort along the walk, and a lookout tower in the shape of a giant incense burner, towering over verdant Riyam Park. Strolling along the Corniche is spectacular around sunset, when the sea glitters in hues of magenta and orange, and the Islamic call to prayer soars from minarets.

Turtle Hatching

Coordinate a trip here between June to September to see Oman’s amazing turtle hatching season. Stop by for an evening watching green turtles nesting at Al Ras Al Jinz Turtle Reserve. Each year, 20,000 sea turtles lumber up on to beaches to bury up to 60,000 eggs.

The Rich History

Omanis have been sailors since before ancient times, where the nation has a history as one of Marine discoveries, and adventurers, all set forth on the seven seas, to tall tales of adventure.  Oman has been inhabited for an unimaginably long time and is home to many of the oldest ruins in the world, dating back before B.C. A tourist can take a whirlwind tour through the history of civilization by visiting the Shasr archaeological site in Dhofar and archaeological site of Bibi Maryam In Qalhat.

A Country filled with Adventure

Oman is full of natural attractions that facilitate all kind of activities and adventures. Visitors can go hiking, rock-climbing and camping in Oman’s mountains, especially Al Hajar Mountains in northern Oman. They can go diving, snorkeling, or take a ride on a boat in Oman’s different seas, charming beaches and islands. They can also go dune-boarding and camping in Al Wahiba Sands in northeastern Oman, or in Al Rub Al Khali (The Empty Quarter) desert in southern Oman.

Image capturing birds at the bay of Khalouf/Khaluf, AL Wusta, Oman

Oman has many caves most of them by forms by dissolution of limestone, Caving in Oman attracted adventures seekers for a thrill experience, and to examine ecological life and geological structure of the Caves.

So, with all that said, it’s always the right time to visit Oman.

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