To limit the spread of the coronavirus mutation, the Norwegian borders are closed. Only Norwegian nationals and foreign nationals who reside in Norway will be permitted to enter the country, with a few exemptions.

Norway’s strict entry rules are extended

Due to the outbreak of a more contagious variant of the coronavirus, the Norwegian government has decided to close the borders to prevent spreading this virus. Anyone that returns to the country from an unnecessary leisure travel abroad must stay at a quarantine hotel when they return to Norway, starting from 00.00 on 29 March.

Only Norwegian nationals and foreign nationals that reside in Norway are allowed to enter the country. 

There are a few exemptions, for instance for journalists, seafarers, and foreign nationals who perform commercial transport of goods and passengers.

For more information about travelling to Norway and exemptions to the entry rules, see the government’s website.

It is important to note that these entry rules are in addition to the already existing border control system.

Mandatory COVID-19 tests

Anyone arriving from “red” countries must present a negative SARS-CoV-2 test certificate when they arrive in Norway. The test must be taken within 24 hours of departure. You can be denied entry if you cannot provide this documentation.

All persons who travel to Norway from a country with a high level of transmission (“red countries”) must take a mandatory COVID-19 test at the Norwegian border, including Norwegian citizens.

Note that border crossings that do not have the capacity to test incoming travellers will be closed.

Due to the coronavirus mutation, travellers from certain countries are also required to undergo a PCR test at the Norwegian border.

For detailed information about the updated rules for testing, see the government’s press release from 23 January.

Note that some of the rules outlined above do not apply to people in transit or people who frequently cross the border into Norway from Sweden and Finland to work.

Registration of arrival to Norway

To help with disease detection and tracking, you will also have to register your entry to Norway on the Government’s website before you arrive. If you do not wish to register online, you can submit a paper-based form to the police at the border control.


People travelling to Norway from abroad shall be in quarantine for 10 days, with a few exceptions for people travelling for work.

If you travel to Norway and do not have a place of residence, you must stay in quarantine at a hotel for 10 days after arrival. The cost of staying at a quarantine hotel is NOK 500 per night for both private individuals (adults) and employers.

For more information about rules and exemptions, see The Norwegian Directorate of Health’s official website or the Government’s Q&A page, which answers questions about entry to Norway. If you don’t have to stay at a quarantine hotel, it is important to remember that you still have to complete your 10-day quarantine at a suitable place. You should also avoid close contact with others in that residence, for instance, your family.

Stricter entry restrictions for travellers arriving from Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Nepal, and Pakistan

Due to the serious infection situation in India, the Norwegian Government has tightened entry restrictions for travellers arriving from Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Nepal, and Pakistan.

All travellers arriving from Bangladesh, India, Iraq, Nepal, and Pakistan must stay at a quarantine hotel, and there are very few exemptions from this rule. This means that people who undertake necessary travel to these countries will also be required to stay at a quarantine hotel.

The stricter entry restrictions that apply to travellers arriving from the countries in question will enter into effect on Wednesday 28 April at 12 pm. Any person who departs from these countries and arrives in Norway after this time must stay at a quarantine hotel. 

More detailed information 

On the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH)’s official website, you’ll find a colour-coded map and the latest information about quarantine regulations. It also includes information for workers from Sweden and other countries in the EU/EEA/Schengen area that arrive in Norway. The page will be updated at least every second week.

Please notice that both national and local rules and regulations related to the coronavirus and travelling in Norway change frequently and on short notice. All travellers, both international and domestic, are therefore encouraged to seek out the most updated information by visiting the relevant websites. You should also follow precautionary guidelines, such as frequent hand-washing and social distancing, and respect regulations in place.

Due to the corona situation, there might be restrictions in the Norwegian ski resorts this winter. Do not visit our resorts if you feel unwell or are in quarantine. Make sure you read up on Fnugg’s corona measures in Norwegian ski resorts before you start planning your ski holiday.

For further details on who can travel to Norway, how you can travel to get here, quarantine rules, and Q&A, see the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI)’s official website.

For health advice, useful links, and other relevant information, see The Norwegian Directorate of Health’s official website (

For the latest information and advice about the coronavirus situation and travel for Norwegians, see the Government’s official website.

For updated information related to travel and COVID-19, see the Government’s official website.

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