Mazagan Resort marks the beginning of a new era in the culinary world with the opening of Yakumanka, the Peruvian pop-up restaurant exclusively for this season, the exceptional Peruvian restaurant overseen by Chef Daniel Galvez.

Yakumanka is part of the Acurio International, renowned for its ability to blend Peruvian culinary traditions with modern ingredients. Chef Daniel promises to deliver a unique tasting experience rich in flavors and enjoyment.

Located on the splendid golf restaurant terrace, Yakumanka offers a panoramic view of the sea and golf course. The restaurant goes beyond cooking to provide a true sensory journey through the marvels and secrets of Peru. This new gem focuses on authentic Peruvian dishes using fresh, local ingredients to offer a genuine traditional cooking experience. The menu includes classic dishes such as Cebiche, one of Peru’s famous dishes prepared with finely diced fish marinated in “leche de tigre” sauce flavoured with coriander, accompanied by sweet potatoes, “choclo”, and “chulpe”, typical Peruvian corn. Seafood and land products are grilled in a wood-fired oven, giving them an unparalleled aroma and flavor, harmonized with various Peruvian spices.

Every detail of this distinctive restaurant has been carefully designed to embody the essence of Peruvian culture. The decor features a maritime theme reflecting coastal vacation vibes with hanging nets, wooden tables and chairs, and adorned wall quotes, all representing authenticity and passion that distinguish Peruvian ambience.

Entertainment at Yakumanka is not just an addition, but a celebration of Peruvian vitality and warmth. With enchanting music playing throughout the day and evening, every moment at the restaurant is an occasion to celebrate joy and enthusiasm.

Guests are invited to discover an exceptional culinary experience awaiting them at Yakumanka, a journey into a world of wonderful flavors skillfully and creatively prepared by Chef Daniel Galvez.

About Chef Daniel Galvez:

After three years of studying medicine in Trujillo, Peru, Daniel Galvez changed his path, dedicating himself to his true passion: gastronomy. Graduating in 2012 in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts from Gastón Acurio’s “Le Cordon Bleu” schoo, he honed his skills in various restaurants in Peru and the United States.

In 2014, he joined Gastón Acurio’s team at the renowned Astrid & Gastón restaurant in Lima. Quickly earning Gastón’s trust, Daniel Galvez became one of the executive chefs at Acurio International in 2022.

About Acurio International:

Acurio International, a subsidiary of Acurio Restaurantes founded by the renowned Peruvian chef Gastón Acurio, manages the design, development and operation of numerous restaurant concepts, aimed at realizing Gastón Acurio’s vision of introducing the culinary flavors of Peruvian cuisine to the global gastronomic stage. Since its launch in the United States in 2008 with the opening of La Mar Cebichería Peruana in San Francisco, Acurio International has expanded to cities such as Chicago and Miami, and internationally to Barcelona, Dubai, Doha, and more. Their latest brand, Jarana, aims to make Peruvian cuisine accessible in the heart of America.

As a subsidiary of Acurio Restaurantes, headquartered in Lima, Peru, Acurio International has established more than twelve restaurant brands and manages over 70 establishments in 10 countries across North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East.

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