Located in the foothills of the Andean Mountains, the Western Colombian Andes in Colombia is known for unparallel experiences filled with diverse natural landscape. One can spot rare animals like ocelots, tanagers, spectacled bears, pumas and jaguars identify a variety of orchids, enjoy brisk walking amidst lush green coffee plantations, or hike through the mountain trails for a stunning view while on vacation here.

A glimpse of this naturally and culturally megadiverse Latin American country can be enjoyed at the Colombia Pavilion in Expo 2020. One of the major highlights in the pavilion which echoes the rich cultural heritage and natural diversity of the nation is a tour that encompasses the six micro-regions in the country.

The Western Colombian Andes segment presents what this region in Central Colombia has in store for visitors. It comprises a large portion of the Andean Forest, and tourists can enjoy three different lifestyles while there, namely, natural, rural, and urban life.

It is an ideal vacation destination for anyone who enjoys a walk amidst the aroma of coffee in the acres of coffee plantations or revelling in the beauty of flower fields. From a business perspective, the optimal climatic and geographic conditions make it one of the largest exporters of coffee, flowers, and fruits in the world. A tad bit of the several tastes this region offers can be enjoyed at the Colombia pavilion in the world expo.

One can also learn and explore the coffee growing culture and traditions at The Coffee Culture Landscape of Colombia, in the foothills of Andean hills, which is one of UNESCO’s world heritage sites since 2011.

Moreover, one of the best times to visit and enjoy the tropical cloud forest and flora and fauna is during August, as it is also the time of flower festivals in the region. Among others, one unique feature that makes this region attractive is its diverse ecosystem, which is home to many of the largest mammals in the Andes, such as Andean bear and mountain tapir, and about 10 per cent of the world’s bird species.

Medellin, also known as the city of eternal spring, is a must-see place for anyone travelling to the Western Andes for a pleasant vacation in an area with an abundance of culture. , this nature hotspot in the valley of Aburra, is also about adrenaline rushing adventure sports. In Medellin, a traveller can hike, zipline, or ride a horse. One of the most memorable experiences one can bring home will be the hike through the lush green Andean Forest to Piedradel Peñol (The Stone of El Peñol). The 740-step brick staircase to the top of Piedra del Peñol will reward you with the most incredible views of the Surronding towns.

Similarly, travellers can also hike through the paths in the mountains and cross streams to enjoy and relax. The Paradise and Sky waterfalls are two of the most preferred locations in Colombia to experience a sense of peace and calmness in the lap of nature.

Each visitor in the Colombia pavilion in Expo 2020 can find a gateway to new knowledge about one of the largest Latin American nations, numerous peerless experiences, and opportunities to explore new business prospects in Colombia.

The uber-modern transparent design of the pavilion aptly represents Colombia’s mega diversity and modern approaches towards sustainable development. The design approach of the pavilion, which is a microcosm of the nation, is to deliver an innovative, creative, and vibrant experience to its visitors, which in turn will create the desire to travel to Colombia.

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