Solidifying its Reputation as Dubai’s Airbnb of Vehicles “Urent” offers Largest Supply & Variety of Vehicles available for Rent

Urent is one of Dubai’s most exciting startups. Launched in November 2020, the company has quickly established itself as a powerful force in its industry, offering the highest number of vehicles to rent in the city along with the most diverse selection of vehicles to choose from. Building off of that success, Urent recently announced two new categories of automobiles for rent have been added to its ever-growing fleet. All kinds of vehicles are available from luxury to budget cars and everything in between. Urent has become a popular choice with locals, traveler’s on vacation, and people in Dubai for business alike.

The news that limousines, along with yachts and personal watercraft, are now available from Urent has been met with enthusiasm.

“We are always happy to offer our valued clients more choices on our platform so that they have the best experience possible,” commented the founder of Urent. “And we make sure all the small details are handled in a ‘win-win’ spirit. When you list or rent vehicles at Urent you get the most transparent dealing from us. Our rating system gives the best idea about the host and guests, so an informed decision can be made on who to do business with. Also, we offer you a platform where you can rent or list any type of 4-wheelers or watercrafts, expanding the concept of sharing even futher.”

When an interested person jumps on the platform they have a wide array of options for finding the best vehicle to meet their needs. The company takes care of delivering the vehicle rented to the client’s doorsteps once the renting formalities are over. For those who want to list their vehicles and watercraft for rent, they need to pass a rigorous set of tests aimed at making sure only the best in quality vehicles are listed on Urent. Urent gives priority to the safety of its clients renting the vehicle. The company works as a platform for global exposure of the vehicles listed and for giving client’s the best riding experience possible with the vehicles they rent.

Renting a vehicle on Urent only requires a few simple steps as follows:

  • Upload your National ID and driving license;
  • Search vehicles;
  • Agree to terms and conditions; and
  • Book your trip.

Customers are encouraged to leave feedback to rate their experience.For many users, it has been a welcome change from the traditional cumbersome and tiring process of renting vehicles.

“You will never fail to get your desired vehicle in best condition when you rent it from Urent”, says one of the highly satisfied clients.

About Urent

Urent is Dubai in UAE-based provider of four-wheelers and watercraft on rent for users. It also enables the listing of vehicles for renting and sharing. The company has earned a reputation as the first in the MENA region providing the best supports for clients for listing and renting vehicles.

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