RoyalJet, the Abu Dhabi-owned and operated, award-winning premium private aviation company launched its new brand and its customer experience transformation project by revealing its entirely redesigned VIP lounge and its newly refurbished and upgraded BBJ aircraft.

“Since prior to this global pandemic we have been undergoing a deep internal transformation in order to even more consistently deliver exceptional experiences to our guests every time they fly,” said Rob DiCastri, CEO, RoyalJet.

Rob DiCastri

“Our vision is to be the global reference at the top end of the private aviation industry, particularly via our exceptional Boeing Business Jet fleet, by delivering personalized delight to the leaders who fly with us.  As an Abu Dhabi company we also strive to project the values and identity of Abu Dhabi and the UAE across the globe by ensuring our product and the experience is consistent with the new vision of our emirate and our country” he further added.

To accomplish this, every little detail has been designed and created with the objective to reflect the rich heritage of the emirate, including featuring various pieces from local artists in the VIP lounge, utilizing locally made products throughout the experience, and serving meals on the ground and on board which are made from locally sourced ingredients.

The new VIP lounge provides an immersive experience within a restful and refined environment. The colours, the sounds and even the scents have been carefully chosen in order to provide a clean and calm environment for passengers from the moment they set foot in the lounge to when they board the aircraft.

Furthermore, in line with the company’s commitment to deliver personalised delight to its guests, passengers will soon be able to configure their entire journey; starting from the moment they decide to travel, through their experiences in the lounge and on board the aircraft and even at their destination.  They will be able to choose the perfect aircraft from the diverse and growing RoyalJet fleet, define well ahead of time their meal, entertainment and service preferences in the lounge and on board and ensure that the journey is tailored to each of their family members or colleagues who are travelling with them.

The newly refurbished and upgraded BBJ on display today boasts a modern and refined interior design which is purposefully consistent with the look and feel of the lounge.  The environment is again intended to be calm, with clean lines and a streamlined set up in keeping with the company’s new set of guiding principles.

In addition, the lighting, cabin control systems and inflight entertainment on this aircraft have been fully modernized and it has also been outfitted with Ka band high-speed internet connectivity.  This is now the sixth aircraft in the RoyalJet fleet to be equipped with the highest internet speed available on the market, which allows customers to stream their favorite programs straight from the internet either on their own devices or over the cabin WIFI system.

This is only the beginning of the journey into a new era for RoyalJet, with these reveals being just a taste of the changes the company will be implementing over the coming weeks and months as it continues to transform its customer experience.

The RoyalJet FBO and its aircraft are available for viewing by special appointment only.

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